Sisha Malaysia

7 Things Only Shisha Lovers Will Understand

Ahh, Shisha, the one true love of our lives that will never leave us. For sisha lovers, sisha is not just some water pipe you smoke with, shisha’s an art, a lifestyle. However, for those who actually love shisha, there are certain things that only shisha lovers can relate with. Shisha addicts are people who cannot hang out in a place that doesn’t include smoking shisha.

Here are 7 things only people who love shisha can truly understand.

You know the restaurant’s shisha guy on a first-name basis


That face you make when you’re waiting for your friend to give you the shisha


When someone tells you that smoking shisha is worse than smoking cigarettes


When you’re otw to your favourite shisha spot and it starts raining



You will never go to a new restaurant if it does not have shisha


There’s only one guy in the group, that’s in charge of the shisha


No matter how broke you are, there’s always money for shisha


But more importantly, it is the best accompaniment to every meal