Malaysia Food Calories

Can You Guess The Calories In Your Favourite Malaysian Foods?

One of the first few Bahasa Malaysia words that foreigners learn is “Makan”. “Makan” means eat and this subject is all Malaysians can talk about all day and all the time. And can you blame us? With our 24 hour mamaks and late night food joints, eating is so easy in Malaysia and dieting so damn hard.

But surely at least one of us has pondered on the calories and nutritional content of our favourite Malaysian foods? Remember how our mothers always nag at us to stop eating so much Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa because “coconut milk will cause heart diseases?” Yikes, maybe we should take more heed towards our daily Malaysian diets.

So come and test your knowledge of your favourite Malaysian foods. You will be surprised by the number of calories each Malaysian favourite can cost you! But don’t worry, Just Makan Lah!