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8 Types of Food Delivery Customers in Malaysia

Customers come in all forms, but the hungry ones are the most interesting. In FoodTime, we have had our fair share of customer experience to last a lifetime, and here are just some of the most interesting types of customers we have had in Malaysia food delivery adventures.


Mr Gordon Ramsay

The bane of every food delivery service’s existence, Mr Gordon Ramsay expects the best 5-star Michelin-restaurant experience, delivered in less than 10 minutes and all for less than RM 10. Every rice grain has to be cooked perfectly, every bite must push him back into the nostalgia of his mother’s cooking. This guy is an Arab Sheikh in his own mind, and he wants the royal treatment. NOW!


The Ghost/Anti-Climax

This guy orders food at 3 am in the morning, on a weekday. His order is usually the full-package, complete with appetizers, main course, dessert and of course, a drink to wash it all down. The cooks in the restaurants work tirelessly to satisfy this guy’s midnight cravings, the delivery rider races down to his address. . . and nothing. Nothing. No phone call will get picked up, no doors opened, not even a text message. Where has he gone? Abducted by aliens perhaps?


Guy from the Math Problems

Remember those math problems where the main character buys like 50 watermelons from the supermarket? Well, imagine our surprise when we got this fascinating order from a FoodTime customer.

Yep. 99 freaking whole chickens. It’s not even Eid yet, what possible crisis is this guy facing, that he needs to order a truckload of meat to his house?


The Funny Guy

If you have a funny request for your food order, we’ve probably heard it before. Cyberjaya people can get crazy creative when they’re hungry as we have mentioned in 10 of the Funniest Food Delivery Requests on FoodTime


The Immigration Officer

If you thought your girlfriend was obsessive while checking your phone, you should meet this guy. When the delivery rider arrives with his food, this guy will do a full-on immigration check on his food delivery order, the crispiness of the lettuce, the plastic fork, packet of sauce, all the works. If anything falls short, the delivery rider better have a good explanation or it’s a 1-star rating on the app store.


The Daily Regular

This guy is a godsend. The Daily Regular is likely single, busy and lives alone because he NEVER misses a day without a food delivery order. The Daily Regular orders regularly from his favourite restaurants and knows the delivery riders on a first name basis. If this guy ever falls ill, collapses in his home or (gasp!) murdered, you can be sure that the FoodTime team and the delivery guys will be the first to check up on him, before his family of course.


The Cheapskate

Like the Immigration Officer, the cheapskate is thorough, with money. It doesn’t matter if his order amounts to RM 19.95, oh he better gets his 5 cents back or it’s war. Even if the delivery rider barely has any change, this guy would gladly get into his car and tailgate the delivery rider to an ATM. There’s no such word as ‘tips’ in The Cheapskate’s vocabulary, money is money and 5 cents is 5 cents.


The Discount Abuser

The Discount Abuser only downloads the food delivery app when he gets a voucher code. This guy also probably has Uber & Grab on his phone, just so he can compare the cheapest transport price during peak hours. Disloyal, fickle & knows what he wants, you better believe that he will create multiple accounts just to get more voucher codes. Once every loophole has been exploited, this guy will likely message the food delivery app to press for more voucher codes.


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