Fitness Meals Delivery Malaysia

Getting Ripped? Julio’s Lounge Delivers Fresh Fitness Meals To You

You know what they say, abs are made in the kitchen. If you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle, you know that your daily macro intake is always under heavy scrutiny. To achieve this, meal-prepping is the way to go. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or “talent” to prep all these meals in advance. And some of us just don’t like to eat microwaved chicken!

This is where the brains behind Julio’s Lounge comes in to save everyone’s New Year resolutions. Under their “Fitness Menu”, you can choose from The Jumbo Fitness Meal or The Regular Fitness Meal. Each fitness meal contains more than 20g of protein (with the Jumbo Meal consisting of a whopping 78g of protein!). Moreover, each meal also comes with 100g of brown rice (for your complex carbohydrates) and a big side of leafy greens (with minimal carbs to help you control your caloric intake!).


Two protein-packed fitness meals to save your day!

Fitness Meal Delivery Malaysia


The Jumbo Fitness Meal

What you get:

250g of chicken breast protein, 78g of pure protein

100g of brown rice, 111 calories

250g of mixed vegetable salad, 42 calories (10% fat, 61% carbs, 29% protein)


The Regular Fitness Meal

What you get:

125g of chicken breast, 38g pure protein

100g of brown rice, 111 calories

125g of mixed vegetable salad, 21 calories (10% fat, 61% carbs, 29% protein)


The best part?

These fitness meals do not have to be pre-booked, just order it on-demand! Talk about a dream! Imagine getting FRESH fitness meals delivered to you, right after the gym or at your workplace! Say goodbye to early meal-preps and carrying it a truckload of Tupperware to the office.


I want my fitness meals NOW!

Hold your horses! You can get your fitness meals delivered to you in a swift! Just download the FoodTime app and order these protein-packed meals from Julio’s Lounge!

It’s time to call in reinforcements for your 2018 fitness journey. So let FoodTime and Julio’s Lounge help you out!