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10 of the Funniest Food Delivery Requests on FoodTime

Being a food delivery guy is hard work. FoodTime, a food delivery app in Malaysia, gets hundreds of orders daily and every once in a while, we get some hilarious and questionable requests from our App users. The internet has spoiled us all, and these Malaysians are certainly proving to become more and more creative with each delivery order! Here are 10 of the funniest Food Delivery Malaysia requests on FoodTime. Take a look and tell us what you think! Did it make you laugh and roll your eyes? The FoodTime team is still gasping for air, to be honest.

“One box of Marlboros, please”

Marlboro Malaysia

Bro, smoking is bad for you la!

“I have no money now, but I have a Lazada voucher”

fast food delivery kl

We love Lazada too man but it’s against FoodTime’s policy!


“Come inside, please”

Food Delivery Petaling Jaya

Is that… .an invitation? We have full trust that our delivery drivers are responsible. We hope.


“Bring beer”

Food Delivery Puchong

On our way!


“I will be the guy that looks drunk”

Food Delivery Malaysia

We received this delivery order at 3 a.m. We hope that this customer got his delivery meal all fine.


“Please deliver ASAP! If you do not, my friend will eat me. He is very hungry!”

Food Delivery Requests

This guy ordered from us again the very next day. We guessed that his delivery must have come fast!


Order: 1 can of coke

Food Delivery Cyberjaya

Bro, you couldn’t walk your ass to 7-eleven??


“Pick up McFlurry on the way”

Food Delivery Malaysia

This isn’t McDelivery. . .

“Buy one lighter for me”

Food Delivery KL 24 Hours

Desperate times call for desperate measures


“No money, will pay you back in the next order. please.”

Food Delivery Petaling Jaya

We deliver, we don’t trust. Sorry man!


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