What is FoodTime ?

FoodTime is an online food ordering platform that connects you to the restaurants near you. It is also an easy solution to a very common problem – boredom. If you’re feeling bored of tasting the same mundane food all week or if you’re sick of cooking at home every day, give FoodTime a try! It is a mobile food court right in the palm of your hands, giving you access to the best food delivery services Cyberjaya and around you.

We understand that many of you are busy managing life and have a tight schedule to follow. We know cooking a fresh tasty meal is too exhausting to think of when you’re caught up in so much work. Which is why we believe FoodTime can be your savior. With just a few clicks you can have a delicious meal delivered to your doorstep. FoodTime ensures you’re always well fed anytime, anywhere!

With FoodTime you can browse through variety of cuisines, filter your choices through opening and closing hours, rating, reviews, halal, and even estimated delivery time. You can discover restaurants of all sizes, even small and medium-sized restaurants online. We’d like to think we’re bridging the technological gap by giving equal opportunities to the best food chains around. Our  partner restaurants

FoodTime was launched on 26th February 2017 and since has attracted the attention of more than 4,500 registered users. With your support, Food Time hopes to establish a name for itself in the booming online industry and provide the best customer service experience to it’s users.

How it works ?

  • Find the best restaurants near you
  • Select your favourite dish
  • Order Online
  • Relax and enjoy

How to use FoodTime ?

Download it now for FREE today and enjoy convenient food delivery services.