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Every day is a struggle and we’re all on the same boat. We’re all trying our best to manage the life we’ve been gifted with whilst following through the course of a tight schedule to meet our needs. It’s difficult really, keeping track of- appointments, food delivery Cyberjaya, deadlines and inarguably, the groceries you have in your fridge. After all, feeding oneself is essential for survival. But what do you do when you’re so caught up with work, assignments, and sometimes even procrastination?  How often can you afford to spend time looking for recipes? How do you fully satisfy the desires of your taste buds when you just don’t have the ingredients you need?

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You order food online, folks. Honestly speaking, I think the availability of applications such as foodpanda and foodtime, have changed the whole dynamic of the food industry. Restaurants are now more than willing to deliver their services right to the customer’s doors. And sometimes, without any extra delivery charges! What’s even more awesome is that these applications consist of restaurants that offer all kinds of cuisines!

I understand, with such a great variety of options to choose from, it can be a little difficult to decide where to order from. But don’t worry, that’s what this post is all about- the top 13 food delivery restaurants in Cyberjaya.

Nandos Delivery Cyberjaya

Nando’s truly sets the tone for the perfect casual dining experience. How can anybody resist the very famous and sumptuous peri peri chicken? And how about them espetadas? It’s not just chicken they marinate, but also their customer’s tongues with flavor! Their price range is totally worth the food they provide. And if you’re looking for a healthy alternative, Nando’s truly is the way to go! Nando’s is open from 10 AM – 10 PM, all throughout the week. So what’re you waiting for? Pick that phone up and order now for food delivery Cyberjaya!

McDonald’s Cyberjaya

Its past midnight and you’re feeling the blues. You’re looking for comfort and comfort is resting between the buns of a burger. Oh! The dilemma! But is it really though? I mean, Mcdonald’s is just around the corner. Take a minute and imagine this with me. A big mac in your hands and you slowly lean in to take a large bite off of it and you feel your taste buds dance with the savory taste! I don’t know about you, but I’m drooling already! If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up my phone and order. Honestly, food delivery Cyberjaya has never been this easy. So go on ahead and beat the blues with a burger., afterall it is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

kfc Delivery Cyberjaya

How can you go wrong with fried chicken? It’s juicy, crispy and all the right things in the world put together. And that’s exactly what kfc delivery cyberjaya has been serving you for the past 8 decades. If I had a penny for every time I wished I had a bucket of fried chicken from KFC, I would probably have hundreds and thousands of dollars by now. I lost count, to tell you the truth. Point is, now with the food delivery service available in Cyberjaya, it’s super easy to have your favorite food delivered right to your doorstep. I know I’m ready for that bucket of fried chicken, are you?

MyBurgerLab Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya! I think we have a problem! Within the whole town, which is about 28.94 square kilometers, there’s just so many options of restaurants to choose from! It’s outrageous yet so awesome. I remember when Burger Lab first opened in Cyberjaya, the whole town went crazy! Everybody finished their work shifts and classes and hurried to Prima Avenue to go grab the deliciousness of the popular charcoal burger joint. Their selection is so exotic yet so homely. In fact, I think it’s  the only burger joint in Cyberjaya that’s so creative with their menu. “Double Trouble” they call a double cheese burger. That alone is enough to make my mouth water. I know for sure, that their addition to the list of restaurants food delivery Cyberjaya has had a huge impact in the lives of students, like me. If you feel like pampering yourself today, do it right. Pamper yourself with a burger from MyBurgerLab Cyberjaya.

Pappa Sandwich Cyberjaya

If you’re bored of the conventional Subway menu, and you’re need of a wider variety…Pappa Sandwich is your man. Or woman. I don’t discriminate. Anyway, seriously though…if you have FoodTime downloaded in your phones you can access their entire menu and find all sorts of sandwiches. From chicken fajitas to super crispy…they have it all! And oh! Their fried chicken tenders are to die for! Go on ahead and order now foravailable food delivery Cyberjaya.

Jaipur Mahal Cyberjaya


Jaipur Mahal Cyberjaya, paints the perfect picture of India with its flavors. The Jaipur Mahal Special Sizzling Plater is my absolute favorite. Their menu is even flexible enough to include an Indian Chinese section, which I think is great. Given that, sometimes I like to taste a fusion of flavors in my meals. Oh! Before I forget to mention, their biryani is very well known through Cyberjaya’s food delivery scene, especially during lunch hours. Head on over to Jaipur Mahal or order their food online to experience India.

SimpleBox & Indian Kitchen Cyberjaya

Indian kitchen’s collection of north Indian food is just awesome! And now that they’re working in conjunction with SimpleBox & Indian Kitchen Cyberjaya, they deliver healthy meals in a box. I would recommend  their combination of Kashmir pulao and butter chicken as they go really well together. If you’re opting for a north Indian cuisine and with prices that are affordable, head on over to street mall and get yourself a delicious meal or sit back at home, relax and order food delivery Cyberjaya.

Sultan Restaurant (Cyberjaya 24 Hours Food Delivery)

It’s 4 am and you’re starving! All the restaurants are closed and going to the mamak is not an option. What do you do? You call Sultan! Sultan restaurant’s 24 hour delivery service is what makes them so different compared to the rest of the restaurants. Their menu is extensive and  offers food that is suitable for all occasions.  Make yourself happy whenever with Sultan! Order now for food delivery Cyberjaya.


مطعم شامنا Shamna Restaurant Cyberjaya

Shamna is one of Cyberjaya’s most liked middle eastern restaurant. Their food truly contains the taste of the Arabian peninsula.  Their grills are most famous and so is their shawarma plate.  And of course, they have sheesha, in case you’re wondering. with affordable pricing and a cozy setting, I think it’s totally worth a try. And coming from personal experience, Shamna is my favorite food delivery Cyberjaya because of their consistent and fast service.

Julio’s Lounge Cyberjaya

Julio’s menu is packed with deliciousness from all over.  Waffles, crepes, eclairs…and what not! Julio’s lounge has all the stuff to blow your mind.  It is the perfect spot in Domain,  Cyberjaya to hang out with your friends. They also have a great middle eastern collection of food and to top that off, they offer sheesha. The staff are friendly and they always greet you with smiles. Head on over to Julio’s lounge or order online for food delivery  Cyberjaya.

Harvest Food & Coffee Cyberjaya

If you’re anything like me and find starbucks mundane and you’re looking for an alternative, I would suggest you try Harvest. Not only do they have coffee but their pizza is a must try! You can tell the amount of love they put into their food from the way it’s presented. Their signature pizza is a combination of passion and lust! Just the thought of it is enough to make my insides scream with craving.  So you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, head over to harvest for a cup of coffee or just stay put at home and order for food delivery in Cyberjaya.


Hamidiyah 中國面館 (Chinese Food Delivery Cyberjaya)

Chinese food is good. Chinese food from Hamidiyah is even better. If you’re in need of noodles and fried rice and apart from the usual, some nourishing soup Hamidiyah is your place. The restaurant’s menu aims to cater to the needs of Chinese Muslims and provide them with delicious halal Chinese food. There aren’t many Chinese food delivery Cyberjaya, therefore Hamidiyah was established to solve that problem for the people. You can now easily order via FoodTime, if you’re craving authentic Chinese food.


Snack Haus Cyberjaya

Snack Haus Cyberjaya is by far the most versatile restaurant on this list. Their menu is so extensive that you’d probably have a hard time deciding on what to eat. The menu stretches from a selection of Asian kitchen dishes and finally to Western. Their butter chicken is definitely the highlight of the Asian kitchen. It’s creamy, savory and delicious! What really makes Snack Haus stand out is that you can get a whole meal worth just RM 12 and feel full! Their quality and quantity are in sync and I think that’s as much as I can tell you. Snack haus is a must for food delivery Cyberjaya!


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